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Care Home Convertible Visitor Pods

We’re excited to announce the launch of our range of Safe Visitor Pods for Care Homes and Nursing Homes.

A Safe Visiting Environment

  • Close Private Space, Intimate & Safe
  • Separate Access to Each Sealed Compartment 
  • Integrated Intercom
  • Converts easily to a spacious garden room for general use
convertible care home visitor pod

The recent pandemic has changed the way family and friends can keep in touch with their loved ones while they’re in care. 

To help families and residents, as well as help care homes conform to government guidelines, we have developed a safe, comfortable and hygienic meeting pod.

A Caring Solution

The Rapide Safe Visitor Pod is a high-quality partitioned room with excellent insulation for both temperature & sound.  Built with ultra-modern modular SIP panels,

the rooms provide a safe and comfortable environment for residents to enjoy the company of visitors.

Re-Purpose Your Room For The Future

Times do change, and we can look forward to the days when there may not be as much need for a secure visitor room.  As part of our service, we will remove the partition to leave you with a high quality garden room to use in any way you like.  A summer sitting room, a relaxing space for staff, or perhaps still a visitor room, but without the barrier between the occupants.

Simply keep in touch with us and we can arrange this at any time.

convertible visitor pod

Easy Monthly Payments

Lease Finance Available to Spread the Cost

The Rapide Advantage

The modular SIP panels are light and easy to assemble, making installation a quick process.

Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and quiet all year round.  Keep the bills low and keep both your residents and visitors comfortable.

The strength of the panels, combined with their lightness, removes the needs for concrete bases and foundations.  The rooms can be set directly onto any flat surface.  For grass or soil surfaces, easily installed ground screws are used to provide the support needed.

 The rooms arrive as a palletised load that is quickly assembled on site.  No groundworks and minimal disturbance and cutting noise during installation. Gone are the days of your space being turned into a muddy building site.

care home visitor room

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