garden office in lindfield, sussex

Lindhurst – Garden Office

We’ve started work on a really nice project to install a garden office in Lindhurst. The client wants space for a couple of desks, and we’ve configured the doors and windows so one end of the office is more enclosed, allowing the desks to be pushed up close to the walls, with the light coming in from a high level narrow window. The other end of the office will be flooded with light from the patio doors and large window.

The Padstones for the base, that support the floor and allow for the airflow needed, are fixed onto the concrete base where the old shed sat.

They’re held in place with re-inforcing metal bars (you can see the spares lying on the ground) that have been drilled down into the concrete base and exten up into the padstones.

The SIPs walls, floor and base are up………..
……The breathable membrane is going on to provide the protective layer under the cladding………

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